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Broadband Speed is Key to a Buyers Choice of Home.

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Broadband Speed is Key to a Buyers Choice of Home.

The UK’s broken broadband network is forcing more house hunters to consider decent access to the internet as a key reason for choosing a property, research by Strutt & Parker has revealed.

Its latest Housing Futures report shows that 57% of the 2,000 home movers it canvassed this year believed that good broadband was essential when choosing which property to buy, up from 48% five years ago.

“Connectivity seems to be the key for British home movers in 2018,” says Vanessa Hale, Strutt & Parker’s research director. “It is now seen as a necessity for many as it impacts on every area of our life – whether that be work or leisure – if we don’t have it at our fingertips.

“This move towards connection also goes some way to explain why our survey shows that big city life has become more appealing to people.”


The latest report from Ofcom on broadband speeds reveal many home buyers may get a shock when they move in, despite the punchy claims of many broadband providers.

Ofcom’s most recent broadband speed report reveals that while only 3% of homes have an ‘advertised’ download speed of less than 10mb/s, such poor broadband speeds are day-to-day reality for 21% of all UK homes.

Rural property buyers should be even more careful. Ofcom says that speeds of more than 30mb/s at peak times were available to only 23% of rural homes compared to 59% of urban ones.

“We want to be connected in all areas of our lives – digitally through our mobiles and laptops and physically to good transport links and local shops and leisure facilities. There is a growing requirement for connection, community and convenience,” says Vanessa (left).

Ofcom has promised that all homes in the UK will enjoy a minimum download speed of 10mb/s and an upload speed of 1mb/s by 2020, called the universal service obligation.

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